Титул Описание БонусПолучение
Newbie Hey~Fighter, guess who is gonna win? After KO in PvP, +30 SPЗавершите испытание KO
Ground SleeperIs it soft as the bed? If you don`t change, you can`t figth with By0-X. We are Saint organization that can strengthen your ability. Bye bye. DOWN~Knock down. Special attack E.Super Attack Hit Ability +3%Завершите испытание DOWN
New ComerWhen i first met you, you looked so weak. You are stronger now!! But you still have to try harder in order to defeat By-X! Zen +2%Завершите испытание Arcade Sucess
Party EnjoyerIt is so impressed when i see you join the party with other Siant. To fight with By-X makes you stronger and will become legendary fighter.EXP +2%Завершите испытание Arcade Party
Saint NewbornFinally you`ve made it. Now you become the member of Saint. There is some word "Good beginning makes haif of sucess". I believe that you will be a great fighter.Hit Ability +1%Завершите испытание PvP Item
Team FighterDo you know "Team Play"? It is the real battle for real fighter. To conquer the battle you need support from friends. I feel very great when create the team. Defence Ability +1%Завершите испытание PvP Team
Fantastic FighterWhen will you lose? I'm so bored for looking at your victory! We call those who always beats others "Fantastic". You deserve for these word. Super Attack Hit Ability +30%Завершите испытание Double Attack
Team MasterIt's not enough to call you are the one. You still need party to beat By-X. From now, please drive out all By-X. After KO in PVP, +100 SPЗавершите испытание S Rank
Hurricane Combo ManYour body supports fast movement. You can beat enemy likes a blow of wind and create high speed punch. It reminds me of Roddy Heart. Fantastic. !+10 SP per comboЗавершите испытание PvP Win
Superman PowerI avoid you because I scare of your super power. To pull the hostiles to user's side and knock them down is so incredible.Grip Attack success, +80 SPЗавершите испытание Arcade 4Player
Bullet DodgeYou can dodge all the attacks with high speed movement. It seems like you are in the middle of the rake of bullet. Evade successfully, +80 SPЗавершите испытание Combo
Technical FighterIt is so great ability. When you beat down 2 hostiles at them same time, you will feel the extreme pleasure and want to shout out "I am the Real Technician"! +30% Critical when Double AttackЗавершите испытание Grab
Street FighterIf you can putting the power together to create Saint organization in the form оf Team Attack, then I’ll accept the your superiority. Team Attack Hit Ability +20%Завершите испытание Avoid
Damage DealerAny fighters who once experience a lose they will be back with the wrath. Take the MVP and deliver pain to others. If уou can avoid, it will be great. +40 Hit Ability (Ignore Def)Завершите испытание Team Attack
By-X SurpriserYou have pushed the allied of cruel By-X away. So you will be titled of By-X. Оnce everyone see you, they will run away Def Ability -1%, Hit Ability +6%Завершите испытание PvP 1st
Victory BringerAs you always be number 1, you are the great fighter. You are perfect in every thing.Def Ability +4%, Hit Ability +3% Завершите испытание MVP
LOVELESS FIGHTERFighter the is forced to marry without anу love. Even he wants to find the true love but he can't because he is too shy.Teamattack DEF +10% -
LONELY LOVE FIGHTER Handsome or Beautiful fighter has the charm to make others become their love slave. Teamattack DEF +20% -
PASSIONATE LOVE FIGHTER Desire Passion Fasinate Greed Hunger can be power for wicked Fighter Hahaha.. Teamattack DEF +30% -
PERFECT LOVE FIGHTER True love..wins everything. Fighter who has true love can use these protection. Teamattack DEF +40% -
Novice SpeedPower of the kid that are learning to grow. Town Moving Speed +5% -
Rookie SpeedPower of the teenager who start to runTown Moving Speed +10% -
Mania SpeedRelease the power of the rage. Town Moving Speed +15% -
Missile SpeedUnlimited running power that has lightning speed. Town Moving Speed +20% -
ZOMBIE KILLERTitle for those who passes all Zombie stages. [HP + 1500, Attack +5% in Zombie Arcade]Пройдите все уровни в Zombie Defense
Title for players who lose to Zombies. [HP + 1500 in Zombie Arcade]Проиграть в Zombie Defense
King of ZombieTitle gives to player who clear Graveyard in the Hard Mode (Ability from the title will be available only in Zombie Mode). [HP+2000, Attack +10% inside Zombie Arcade]Пройдите все уровни в режимеZombie Defense Hard
D-Chocolate Love 2017
D-Chocolate Love 2017 Title
Valentine`s Title Chocolate Можно получить из Valentine`s Box
W-Chocolate Love 2017
W-Chocolate Love 2017 Title
Valentine`s Title Milk Chocolate[Hit ATK + 60, Grab ATK + 60, HP + 600, Town Moving Speed + 20%]Можно получить из Valentine`s Box
Valentine Love 2017
Valentine Love 2017 Title
Valentine Title 2017[Hit ATK + 96, Grab ATK + 96, Special DEF + 60, Town Moving Speed + 30%]Можно получить из Valentine`s Box
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